Glossary of Terms


To help you to use Pix4PR we have compiled explanation of some of the words and icons used on the site. If we have missed anything out please contact us at and let us know.


Add Image Button  Cont-04_03.png  links to the page where you can add single or multiple images for the selected business.

Access Code This is the automatically generated code for each Business that can be found in the ‘My Account’ area

Access Type This refers to whether the Contributor wants to restrict who can download their images (Private) or to allow anyone to download them (Public)

Caption: Details about the image usually to include: Who? What? Where?

Contributor:  A person who joins the site to upload publicity images of their business.

Dark-grey border around an image means the image has been chosen/added to ‘My Lightbox’ (N.B this will be in conjunction to a tick (or check) icon in the bottom left hand side of the box.)

Delete Business Icon Cont-04_03.png When clicked on this deletes the selected business and all images related to that business.

Delete Icon Cont-04_05.png This deletes the selected image

Edit Business Button  Cont-04_03.png links you to the page where the businesses information can be changed.

Edit Icon (Contributor)  Cont-04_03.png  This shows where something can be changed or altered; for  example information or metadata on a selected image.

Edit Icon (Media)  Cont-04_03.png This shows where something can be changed or altered, for example ‘My Profile’ in ‘My Account’

Edit Image: Add or alter caption, keywords, photographer and access type.

Image Icon (Contributor) Cont-04_03.png This indicates where you can open a window showing the image information or metadata.

Image icon (Media) Untitled-1_03-02.png Opens a window that displays the image information.

Keywords: These are essential to add to your image as these help your image to be found. They are descriptive words that will help the media find your image when they are using Pix4PR’s inbuilt search engine. Use as many as you want.

Media: A person who is affiliated with the media who would like to download images from the site to use in conjunction with articles about that business as per the terms and conditions of the site.

Metadata – simply, “data about data” – on this site the word refers to data about containers of data

My Account: This is where you manage your dealings with Pix4PR

Private” means the image(s) can be seen on the site but not downloaded until the Media user adds the access code for that Business. This code is provided by the Contributor.

Public” means the image(s) can be accessed and downloaded by any registered Media user.

Red border on an image shows the metadata/information is incomplete and the picture cannot be listed on the site until the missing details have been added.

Lightbox This is where the chosen images are stored prior to being downloaded.

My Lightbox Icon Untitled-1_03.png This opens your Lightbox. (N.B. You will need to be registered as Media with the site to have access to the Lightbox)

Padlock Icon Untitled-1_14.png indicates that the image(s) is Private and will require an access code from the Contributor to download the image.

Tick (or check) Icon Untitled-1_11.png means the image has been chosen/added to ‘My Lightbox’ (N.B. this will be in conjunction with a dark grey border around the chosen image.)







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