About Us

What is Pix4PR?


-Pix4PR is a Photographic Distribution Library created for the Hospitality Industry to simplify

storing and distributing PR photographs for the small business.


Whether you are a Contributor (someone wanting to upload photographs) or a member of the Media looking to download photographs from the site our aim is to make your life easier.



What are the advantages of Pix4PR for the Contributor?


-all PR photographs in one place (up to 50 per business but this can be increased on request)


-all your PR images are available for the Media to see


-all your PR photographs are properly captioned by yourself before going live on to the site


-all PR photographic enquires can be dealt with efficiently, wherever you are


-if you select “Private” (the default setting) all your images will be password protected so that only the people you choose can download them


-the Media choose which size is most suitable to their needs when downloading


-your PR photographs are on show, not hidden away on your computer.


-there is a constant record of who has downloaded which of your PR photographs and when


-if you have more than one business you can separate the accounts


-when doing any PR for your business it is easy to send an E-mail around letting your important contacts know that your photographs are on Pix4PR. Include your private code so that when they need your photographs they can go to the site choosing the images they want at the size they want without bothering you.


-you only have to upload your PR and marketing images once



What are the advantages of Pix4PR for the Media?


-saving time, immediate results


-choosing the photographs you want at the size you want


-properly captioned photographs


-no storing photographs just in case you need them

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