Contributor Instructions


Are you a contributor? Do you want to put your pictures on this site? If so, here is your comprehensive guide. Alternatively download here as PDF document.


You need to register and create an account on Pix4PR. (This means you accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use).

Your area is BLUE throughout the website. The Media area is RED.



When registered, you can log in using your email and password.

“Remember my email on this device” gives a permanent “cookie” on the browser so you don’t need to re-enter your email each time.

Your password must be entered each time you log in.



Once you’ve logged in to Pix4PR, you arrive at “My Account”. This summarises your account and links you to the Blue (contributor) area.

From here you can:

  • add new businesses

  • edit existing businesses

  • upload new images

  • edit profiles and account details

  • purchase new image-upload packages

  • see which publications have downloaded your images



My Images

You manage your businesses and images here in one, combined page. Each business is displayed with its corresponding, uploaded images.

A red border around an image means it has incomplete metadata* or descriptive information and cannot be listed on the website until updated.

The Image Icon Cont-04_03.png opens a window showing image information or metadata.

The Edit Icon Cont-04_04.png allows you to edit information or metadata.

The Delete Icon Cont-04_05.png allows you to delete the selected image.

The Edit Business Button links you to the page where the businesses information can be changed.

The Add Image Button links to the page where you can add single or multiple images for the selected business.

The Delete Business Icon Cont-04_03.png deletes the selected business and all images related to that business.



Add New Business

This form is to register each new business. Enter contact details plus the business’s name and category. The category can be multiple. If, for example your pub or restaurant offers bed and breakfast you can select both and the pictures will be displayed in both on the site.

Your business logo and press release can be uploaded and stored here.

Your Website URL (address) is most important. It is automatically copied from here and used as part of the copyright declaration in the caption or metadata attached to each image, as below:

Download, use and future use of this image is strictly subject to the agreed licence terms set out here. NB: This also means the image can only be used with an article about the related business, or with a credit stating “Picture Courtesy of [Business Website URL]”.

Your Website URL is also used on the Lightbox page where the Media download chosen images.



Purchase Annual Licence

Before uploading any images you will need to purchase your annual licence for that business. Once purchased you will be able to upload images for that business.



Before adding new images, you need to select the relevant business for that image. Once selected from the dropdown menu, click on the “Continue” button.



Here you can upload one or more images from your local device (usually computer) by clicking on “Add Files” or by dragging and dropping the files onto the “Image Upload” panel.

The “Access Type” gives you, as the Contributor, a choice. Do you want the images to be “Public” or “Private”?

“Public” means the image(s) can be accessed and downloaded by any registered Media user.

“Private” means the images can be seen on the site but not downloaded until the Media user adds the access code for that Business. This code is provided by the Contributor.

A new access code is automatically generated for each Business. The code can be found next to each Business in the “My Account” area. Any Media user wanting to use a picture will contact the Contributor using the details on the image.

The speed of the image upload will, of course, depend on the number and size of the images and local broadband/network speeds.

* metadata – simply,data about data” – on this site the word refers to data about containers of data



When your picture is being uploaded, you need to provide the caption, keywords and photographer’s details. These are automatically captured and stored in the Pix4PR library.

NB: this information is obligatory when using PixPR.

A Red border shows this information is incomplete and the picture cannot be listed (or published) until these details are included.



You can also edit all picture information as soon as the picture is uploaded.

Red border or not, the caption, keywords, photographer and Access Type can be added or altered using the Edit Image page. This can be done at any time.

This information is overridden each time it is changed.



Have your pictures been used? You can access the download history of your pictures at any time in the Downloads section.


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